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There’s one issue that comes up over and over again in mens’ sex life.

It makes him:

  1. Feel horrible thinking he is not man enough causing him to lose connection with his drive and purpose.

  2. Apprehensive and frustrated about his sex life when sex should be the most incredibly pleasurable experience.

  3. His relationship (if he has one) is suffering a lot.  Him and his partner might just lie in bed staring at their phones completely disconnected from each other.

And this is something that can go on for months… even years!

It’s a slow death as his body loses touch with the feeling of safety, acceptance, and pleasure.

He shuts down, and subconsciously ends up punishing himself throughout the day.

All because of one little thing…

He struggles with getting and keeping his erections.

Maybe, he can get it up for a short period of time - but only if he thrusts super hard, losing the mood of lovemaking. 

His partner doesn't enjoy the hard but short-lived sexual encounter.  She ends up frustrated, unsatisfied and with a sense of not being attractive enough for him.

Both of them feel a tremendous amount of shame.


If he is single, he is worried about hooking up with new women.  He’s worried she will run away when she realizes he can’t maintain an erection.

He tries popping pills like Cialis but that leads to addiction and other health issues.  It’s not a permanent solution.

He tries tensing the muscles in his bum when he loses his erection and thrusts harder.  That doesn’t do much if anything at all.

Frustrated, he blames his partner for not turning him on enough, not being sexy enough and that is why he doesn't have a strong enough erection for intercourse.

You can see now how this one little problem ripples out into many areas of life - especially in the world of sex and relationships.

The good news is, I have found lasting solutions for several men who have this problem.  

And, I’m going to share them with you today.  If you are a man silently struggling with this issue or a woman whose partner struggles - I’ve got a breath of fresh air for you!

First, you should make sure that your condition is not medical. I’d recommend speaking to your doctor or  a qualified person first if you suspect this might be the case.  There’s a couple simple things that can be done.

In my experience, it is rarely a medical condition.

One big factor is…


Porn rewires our brains in a way that disconnects us from our sexuality.  It is one of the primary culprits for erectile issues because it trains men to have unrealistic and partial experiences of sex.  They basically lose the ability to get turned on by actual women - instead preferring fantasy encounters in their minds.

I have seen huge improvements in erectile issues by cutting out porn, however, it is not easy to do alone and can be greatly assisted with the help of a trained facilitator.

Try masturbating without porn.  Create an experience that doesn’t just involve mechanically pumping your manhood.  Instead, use minimal pressure on the penis as you breathe deeply into your belly and pelvis area.

This relaxes the muscles in this part of the body and enhances blood flow.  Muscular tightness in the pelvis area is one of the main causes of erectile issues.  Fortunately, there are many excellent breathing and massage techniques that can sort this out relatively quickly.

Lastly, the root cause of erectile issues might lie in the subconscious mind.  In this case, working with a qualified therapist that has training in reprogramming the subconscious can be extremely beneficial.

I wanted to share these solutions because I know many men feel hopeless about this situation.


It doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

Instead, chances are you can have a thriving (and throbbing) sex life again by making a few simple adjustments.  These can actually help a lot of other areas of life too such as releasing stored tension in the body, increased motivation and energy.

Imagine taking care of one little erection issue and watching it lead to a thriving, new level of living.

As your trusted Sex Coach, I’m happy to help.  I can give some general advice here but it always works better to receive a customized plan and personal support.

If you are ready to solve this issue once and for all (or know someone who is), let’s have a free chat and figure out a solution for you (click on the link below). 

OR if you want to stay the most up-to-date on my tips, tricks, and advice as well as my beautiful offerings, please subscribe to my newsletter:

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